Monday, October 8, 2012

Life Is Precious

There is so much life to be lived. There is so much to experience, so many things to learn. For so long I've lived in the periphery of life. Somewhere between life and death. That blurry gray line of inability, or indecision.

This week we have been at the happiest place on earth. That's right the big D. Disneyland, California!!!

I find that in all the line waiting, there's more than enough time to ponder life. I watch other families and how they handle their specific situations and I compare myself with them. I know we should never compare, but I have found that I'm totally normal! It's awesome!!!

I have also loved seeing people with their children. It's such a heart warming sight to see a big strong dad wearing Mickey ears and holding the hand of a five year old princess. Disneyland is the great equalizer. It's the place that everyone turns into a kid again.

This particular trip is different in a lot of ways. First off, it's the first one that I don't have an adult family member with me. Also, I decided to drive the 700 or so miles...I'm still not really sure how I feel about that one. Finally, it's a place that John and I went together as a family, and my first time back since he died.

That may not seem like a big deal, but I assure you that it is. Four years later and there still are firsts. First long road trip. First time to a memorable place we visited together. It has been really hard.

The things that have made this trip great?.. That would be fantastic friends! My darling friend Charese and her hubby John, her wonderful parents, Randy and Chris, my sweet friend Hillari, and her fun mom Susan, and Hil's beautiful sister Mikkel. Oh, and lets not forget the hoards of kids betwixed us all. I think the total is somewhere around 17.
This trip was planned a year ago.  It was suppose to have taken place in March last.  However, stupid cancer changed all our plans.  That's all right.  We made it anyway, and Charese used a wheelchair that let her line jump.  She's pretty wiley when she needs to be.
 That's our group on the right
 Me and Hillari


 I'd like to thank the academy.
 They like me.  They really like me.

 We represent the lollipop guild.
Spider Ash

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