Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here goes nothing

After much pushing, and prodding, I made the leap to blogging. Hopefully this will allow for a healing outlet to me, and maybe others can learn a little from my journey through the darkness of grief.
I'll give a little synopsis. On August 24, 2008, my beautiful, perfect husband of almost eleven years was killed in a plane crash. He and a few colleagues from Focus Communications were on a humanitarian service trip in Guatemala, when the charter plane that were flying in experienced engine failure and crashed. There were initially four survivors. One girl Sarah walked away with bumps and bruises. Her mother April was severly burned and spent many months in a burn unit. Dan's legs were crushed and still experiences great pain when trying to get around. And Liz, who was severly burned and who experienced trama injuries, died several hours after the crash. There were eleven in all that died in the crash, Alan, and Zach Jensen, Javier, and Walfred Rabinales, Lydia Silva, Jeff Reppe, Cody Odekirk, Liz Johnson, the pilot and co-pilot, and my love John Carter.

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