Saturday, March 28, 2009


I thought that I would throw in a few "Averieisms" for the day. The other morning she came crying into my room, saying she had a scary dream. After asking, she said that in her dream, she was arrested, and taken to jail.

"Why did you have to go to jail?"

Averie: "Just cause I peed my pants! That mean police man was so so so rude."

To move the story forward, this morning most of the kids were doing their jobs. Averie was sitting on the floor eating popcorn like a little princess, when she started crying out of the blue.

"Why are you crying?"

Averie: "My arm, my arm, my arm. My arm is hurting so way bad!"

"Oh no, what did you do to your arm?"

Averie: "It's way hungry and it need popsicles." She said with a half smile, "Can we go to the store and get some?"

She finishes that statement with a facial expression that can do nothing but make milk shoot through your nose. I tryed to capture the image for time and all eternity. Those who have been fortunate enough to see this expression know exactly what I am talking about. So here goes.

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