Monday, February 22, 2010

Blind Dates and Bars

So I have decided that my pitiful life provides tons of cannon fodder for my friends. Case in point, I got a text the other night from a friend of mine who is also the Elders Quorum President. He said, "Hey, I'm planning a fun group date Saturday and I want you to be there. So I have an assignment for you." Oh man, not good words for me to read. He later called and explained that there is a guy in our ward that they are wanting to fellowship, and they didn't want him to be the odd man out, so he wanted me to come along so he wouldn't feel weird.

"So, you want me to feel like the odd man out?" I quipped
"No, we want you to come one way or the other, and it's not really a date. We are going to take the Trax train down to Salt Lake and walk around, it will be fun." He lied
"Well, okay, if it's not a date." I conceded

The phone rang again about twenty minutes later, and my friend on the other line says, "He is sooo excited for your date!"
"You sucker, I can't believe you did that!" I said
"I also told him that trains turn you on, so to take you in the back and make out with you." He laughed

So lets just say that I got my revenge. Saturday came and in the early afternoon I had a bridal shower to attend at my moms house, so the group that we were going out with were meeting me there. My sister-in-law (who was one of the members of the group) came in to get me, at which point my wonderfully unabashed aunt Andrea decided it would be hilarious if she pretended to be me. We figured he hadn't ever met me, so he'd be none the wiser. Well she ran out to the van (fifteen passenger by the way), crawled back several rows, snuggled up to this complete stranger, rested her head on his shoulder and said, "Hi, I'm Lisa, where are we off to?"

Poor, poor, poor guy. To say that he turned red would be an understatement. He was so shaken up. Can you imagine, first being in a van full of the Elders Quorum Presidency and their wives when you are inactive is probably anxious enough, but add an overly enthusiastic date to the mix, and boy..... At least he has a great story to tell, if he dares relive the embarrassment.

To make a silly story short here are the things that we can learn from said experience.
  1. There will always be something to laugh about
  2. Why not go out of your way to befriend someone
  3. Always let crazy people talk you into impossible situations, it makes life like a little party
  4. Laughter really is the best medicine.


  1. Lesson #2......trying to activate someone by using the "missionary madame" can be very costly.

  2. I used to hate blind dates (until I met Dave on one)...sorry you have to face dating again Blech... but your story made me laugh...(except I wanna know who it was!) Isn't it fun to be loved by crazy people...well maybe sometimes! (hope you're feeling better)

  3. oh lisa... wow... you are better than me. i don't think i could have gone.

    at least you are getting to be around men though... :) hahaha.

    anyhow, i know this is getting old, but should we ever get together again? just wonderin'.

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