Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eggs, Candy, and Why a bunny?

Easter came at us with a bang. The kids woke up early, like Santa had come a second time. Unfortunately their mother doesn't believe in the commercialization of the Easter Bunny. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with some candy in the Easter Basket, I just don't think that a kid needs a bike on every holiday.

So, even though there were no bikes, Nintendo games, or gadgets, the kids had a blast. They buzzed around the house, high on sugar, and joy. It's so nice to see them really having fun together. We discussed the true meaning of Easter, and my kids are probably the youngest in history to really grasp the concept of the Resurrection. Ashton told Averie all about how Dad is going to be alive again, and how he can't wait to see him. Her eyes lit up, and they went on and on about when it would happen, and how it would happen, and what daddy would look like.

Understandably, they day was filled with emotion. Not just because we missed John, but because we are beginning to grasp the concept of the Atonement. Our Savior suffered the same pain that we are suffering, he knows that we feel alone and abandoned, but he is always here for us. He broke the bands of death, so that we can live together again as a family. I have thought about the merriment that filled the heavens when the Savior had accomplished this daunting task. I can see myself jumping, singing, crying, and loving my sweet Johnny, knowing that our short separation would be just that short. TOGETHER FOREVER!!!
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  1. I came across your blog and stopped to because something pulled me... I dont want to say just any old something... Im not sure why but I just wanted to thank you for doing your blog and sharing your the hard things in life and having such a positive out look on what is to come. I have never expirenced a loss as you have, but I have many family and friends that have lost a child, or spouse. It is always such a blessing to hear that even through hard times when we never think we will make it... the Lord picks us up and carries us through our darkest hours. Thank you for sharing and I hope you don't mind me reading up on your blog often.