Monday, November 2, 2009

All Hallows Eve

Well we made it through our sugar induced coma's long enough to post a few pics. I must say that I was not Johnny on the spot with the camera this year, so you'll have to use your imagination.

Here's Ruby the Demon from Supernatural. Let me tell you, the more you have to explain a costume, the less fun it is.

Here's Commander Cody. The boys are a little too taken with Star Wars.

Here is little miss sassy pants the witch! If that girl isn't just a little poser.

Captain Rex, leader of the Carter kids.

We started our trick-or-treating at 4 o'clock, and didn't get home until around 9. Now that is die hard treat gathering. Now if I knew what to do with the 40lbs of candy...


  1. Ruby! No need to explain. We need to party!

  2. Ok so I really don't watch supernatural or whatever but I do have to say that the long black hair was wild!!! You totaly didn't even look like you :) And the kids ADORABLE!!!!

  3. Hey RUBY CUbe.....You are looking HOT!!! I feel that "the Force" is in good the witches union, well I think sassy pants can whip them into shape!!