Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Downton Epiphany

I don't know who has been sucked into this show or not, it is on PBS and it's amazing.  There is a scene in the beginning where two men are looking at the Abbey.  One has the title that makes him lord of the manner.  He has grown up there, and it has been in the family for years.  The other is new to the elaborate lifestyle of the High Class.  As the first man is looking on they begin to talk about the Abbey.  He says, it may look like bricks, mortar, and stone that cracks in the frost, but to me it is my life's work.

What he meant by that was, that the running of that estate was something that was of the greatest importance and value, it was literally his full-time job to take care of the manner.

While watching, an immense thought came to me.  We should each treat our homes with such respect.  I mean "homes" as our family, friends, teachers, leaders, and all other influences (servants, if you are keeping track with the show) that make up our family home.  We should spend our very last breath defending and fortifying the most precious thing that was given to us...our family.

So much of my life has been spent in trying to make people like me.  That may sound funny, but I have always feared disappointing others...whether I know them or not.  I once had a friend call me an approval whore, which is pretty much spot on.  I think that it finally sunk in...It's okay to say no!  It's okay to put my family first, even if it's above a service project.  Not that I should stop serving, but just realign my priorities.  It's crazy easy to get overwhelmed in doing good.

Believe it or not, I think I just got a little glimpse into the eternities.  Thank you Public Broadcasting System!


  1. nice posting. very true words. i am like you... i sometimes say yes to people at the expense of my family. i try not to, but i do it.

    and i LOVE downton abbey. i watched the first season, then waited the excruciating year and watched the second season and now i am waiting another excruciating year for the third season.

    LOVE IT!

    (excruciating is all relative :)

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