Saturday, August 4, 2012

Globe Trotting

This has been the summer of exploration.  We had to opportunity of going to Lake Tahoe for the wedding of my good friend Jamie.  Then I got to go on a girls trip to Hawaii with my cousin Patty, her daughter Kaylee, and Kaylee's friend Madi.  Less than a month later the fam and I went on a Disney cruise to the bahamas.  Phew, I'm tired just typing it.  Anywho, what follows are our adventures and photo overload.

We were cruising out of Florida, so we decided to go to universal studios and check out Harry Potter land.
 Yummy butter beer

 Averie in the sweets shop...her dream home

 While exploring the wilderness, we took a wrong turn and fell upon serious wildlife.  Sadly Ashton lost his head before we realized our mistake and tuned back.

 Grandpa is so easy to read!

 Here is the port side of the cruise ship.  It was such a cool place to explore.  It was literally like being in a Disney cartoon.

 Every night, our stateroom guy would leave us a fun towel animal and some treats.

 There was a monsoon on Castaway Cay.  This is Ashton playing in the rain before it got really bad, but during the time that Averie decided to explore the island alone...oh bless her sweet little heart.  It only took twenty heart pounding minutes and several Disney workers to find her.  Not to mention my dad and I totally soaked to the bone in thunder and lightning.  It wouldn't be a vacation without a little hardcore worry.
 Me and my mamma 

 Atlantas, Nassau

 The bridge that you can see in the background at the hotel is actually a room.  It is a mere, $25,000.00 per night with a four night minimum.

 Mom and Dad...aren't they so cute???
 Poseidon's throne.
 Ashton is the king of mimickery.
 I loved the colors of Nassau.
 Pirate party!!!  Captain hook tried to take over the ship, but thankfully Mickey and Captain Jack rescued us.

 Swimming with the stingrays.  Averie literally climbed me and made me take her to the beach.  She wasn't going to risk a sting.

 The First Aid station at Castaway Cay. 
 Averie and our server James.  Quite a nice Brit who brought endless shirley temples and bowls of cherries for Averie.  She know how to work it.

 Me and Cousin Patty                                          Lax airport  with Patty, Kaylee, and Madi
Cheeseburgers in paradise

 Cute cousies

Lake Tahoe/ Jamie's Wedding
 Assembling the bouquets 

 Scarlet and Lucy
 Sarah, Jamie, and Noah...This pic makes me tear up.
 The kids and I at Kings beach

 Emerald bay

 Playing wedding planner/ dresser/ stylist/ florist/ photographer

 Seriously freezing wind
 What a handsome couple.  Derek and Jamie

Oh lookie here, more Hawaii


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