Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Power of the Spirit

Okay folks, sit down and prepare yourselves.  I'm about to blow some minds.  I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way, but I have spent my whole thirty-seven years feeling like I'm not close to good enough.  It took some real serious soul searching to figure out where this negativity was coming from.  I found a pretty interesting thought/idea.  I realized that my spirit (the person that I was before I came here to earth) is absolutely, without a doubt amazing.  She stands tall, she is a leader, she knows who she is, she has power in her convictions, she is admired, and loved by all whose lives she touches, and she got saddled with me.

I imagined that my spirit self was so frustrated by my lack of initiative, and my shyness, and my lack of confidence.  I figured that the reason I feel so unpleased with myself was because I wasn't living up to my spirit self's expectations.  This really made me think hard for a while.  I felt unhappy, ashamed, not good enough, and every other pitiful emotion that you could guess.

After much prayer and soul searching, I realized...I am NOT two separate beings.  I AM my spirit!  Yes my body has some distinctly different qualities from my spirit, and of course there is the whole memory block problem.  All in all, however, I am the same person that I have always been.

I have felt like it is prideful to think highly of yourself, but in this context, why not!  I am pretty great.  I have made it through a lot or really difficult trials here on the earth.  I have learned mysteries, and mountains of information.  I have raised three children on my own for the last four years, and they are good kids.  I have met so very many people who have impacted my life for the better.  These are people who came into my life because of the change of direction that my life made.  I have overcome so many fears, and confidence barriers.  I have learned to do things on my own.  I have learned that it's okay to make mistakes.  I have learned that I will continue to make mistakes, even though I should know better.  I have learned that we are never alone.  I have a lot to be proud of, so why not bust out the pom pom's and shout for joy.

It is the life that learns little that fails.

Be proud of the lessons that have been hard learned, and the battles that have been hard fought.  We become closer to our divine destiny with ever tear drop, and every prayer, every hug, every morning that we wake up and fight for what we know to be right.  It is hard, but so very worth it.

-if you fight every battle on your knees, you will win every time.


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  2. You are an amazing woman. I feel it a blessing to know you and to have learned along side you. Thanks!!!!

  3. Oh my dearest Lisa-
    You are such a strong spirit! Your spirit and earthly self are closer together than you think. I have been blessed to witness them come closer for every day of the last four years. I love you. You always know what I need to hear ( or read) This post has been a blessing to me today.

    1. My dear, sweet Mickyricious-
      Oh how I love the stuffing right out of you! You are an angel on this earth. You have done more for me than you'll ever know. I've thought often about the way in which you came into my life. I have to think that our Father in Heaven knew that we needed each other. I pray for you and your sweet family often. And mostly, I give thanks for such a wonderful friend.

  4. yay! we are amazing! we are awesome! we are splendid! we are terrific! we are truly winners!

    :) thank you for this. when people tell me good things about myself, i struggle to believe it and feel like if they really knew me, they would be disappointed... but i will try to think more highly of myself.

    i sure love you my friend.

    1. I love love love the beginning of your reply. I can see us in our little cheerleader outfits doing toe touches and back handsprings. Sometimes we just need the reminder that we are pretty dang awesome!