Sunday, April 19, 2009

School Contest

On Friday the boys entered a contest at school. It is called the inspirations contest. Every year Ethan has wanted to enter, but for some reason or another (procrastination, lack of direction, plain laziness) he never entered. Well we (I) decided that this year would be different. E wanted to hike to the "M" and take a picture of the whole valley. Great concept in thought. So E and Ash pack their little back packs and hike up to the "M".

I was so proud that they actually made it up. When they got back, I grabbed the camera to load to pictures on the computer. Low and behold, the child took one picture, count them, ONE!
And did I mention blurry?

"Dude, it's a digital camera! You take pictures until you can't anymore."

"Well, it's OK" Notice the drive for success

So the days march on and Friday quickly approaches. Mistakenly I told Ethan that he could go to a friends house after school. When I realized my mistake, I called him and told him to come home so we could finish the project. Tears, feet stomping, and a little tizzy fit later, he came home to work on the project.
Here is the final product. Pretty cute huh?

So at 7pm, we're finally getting dinner, and getting ready to run to Ogden to get the prints, and Ashton says...

"I wanted to enter the contest!"


That was me regaining composer.

"Sure bud, what do you want to take a picture of?"

"I will take a picture of my hand!"

Well that is a natural progression of thought. Ethan takes a picture of his foot, naturally Ashton should take a picture of his hand.

So here it is, and super cute if I do say so myself.

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