Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's interesting how our Father in Heaven works. I have experienced eight months of the kind of hell that I wouldn't wish on Bin Laden, and yet the blessings and tiny angel kisses that we have recieved as a family have been overwhelming. Every single night I crawl into a lonley, empty bed. This is when I am the most vulnerable. I look at the picture of John that I have hanging on the wall across from my bed, and I weep. For some reason, this always prompts me to grab his scriptures, and randomly choose a page to read. Without fail I turn to the EXACT counsil that I need at that moment.

How does he do it? Silly question to ask don't you think? He's the Almighty for crying out loud. But still, does He really know me, and know what I need in my time of need? I will answer as candidly as possible. YES!!! I know without a shadow of a doubt that He loves me. I know that He is aware of my sorrow, my pain, my loneliness, and my fear. I know, because He felt them too. I know, because I would never leave anyone alone to go through what I have gone through, and still going through.

He has surrounded me with the most amazing people (angels). When I am really struggling, I will find a plate of cookies at the door, a note in the mail, a phone call from a friend, or a handy man with lots of tools will ask what he can do to help. Sometimes, inspiration comes from complete strangers, and their words of faith, and courage. I thank all of those who have had such a profound impact on my life, and the lives of my children.


  1. You are AMAZING!!! And an awesome friend!! I hope you don't mind I added you to my blog list :) Let me know which e-mail you blog on and I will send you an invite to ours.

  2. I found your blog from Sherry's. Thanks for that inspire me to be a better person (you really do!!). I'm so glad for the chance to get to know you better!! we have a private blog too...let me know if you want an invite ngarrits (at) msn (dot) com not that it's anything grand...but I always love another blog to stalk :)