Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Strange Stowaways

The other day I was about my daily cleaning chores, when something seemed amiss. The garage door was open. I peeked out to see if the little kids were in the garage. Nope, no kids in the garage. So on I went with my tasks. Soon I walked upstairs where Averie and her little friend Brawny were playing. As I walked passed them, there seemed to be a strange noise coming from Averie's purse.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet


Averie, do you have something in your purse?

No, she says as she backs away from me

Peep, Peep, Peep

Averie, do you have a baby chick in your purse?!?

You see, a week earlier we bought some baby chicks. They were brooding happily in the garage under nice warm lights. Wow, it's starting to all come together now. The garage door open, the kids playing quietly. How did they pull this off? I can usually spot something like this a mile away.

Peep, Peep, Peep
Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Averie, let me check your purse! As she races down the hall, and I barrel after her. Mystery solved, sure chick in the purse.

Crying and throwing an all out fit, Averie screams, "I just want one in my room!"

"You can't have one in your room, they need to be under the lights."

"Well, when they get big can I have one in my room?"

So you can see how life is always interesting with a little Averie around.

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