Friday, October 15, 2010

Corn Maze

Last weekend, my friend Jamie and I took our kiddos to a fun little corn maze/fun center.  It was so great to get out into the fresh fall air and run and laugh and play.  Wow, it really does a body good. 

 Here's my sweet little toothless Ashton cheesing it up.

 Averie and Lucy...forever best friends
 Gotcha!  (it's always a good day when I can spring a pic on an unsuspecting Jamie)
 Sweet little gals
 Ashton, Scarlett, and Sarah
Ashton was getting a little worries that we would never find our way out.
 Ethan and Noah took off like a shot, map in hand and ready to conquer the big maze on their own.
 Awe!  So cute.
 Lo, and behold, they made it back alive.
 I need to remember this contraption next time I have extra bails of straw.
Look at the face on the little one. (Averie, not Jamie. Ha!)


  1. k I've seen this slide on two different blogs...where is this corn maze...I've never done a corn maze...I really should my kids would probably love it...and who said your kids could grow up?! How is Averie liking Kindergarten?

  2. i was here earlier, but had to run and didn't get a chance to comment.

    looks like a fun outing. the weather lately has been heavenly for me.

    we should try to get together again soon. somehow, it continues to amaze me how much less lonely i feel when i am around other widows. it is interesting.

    love ya.


    God Bless

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