Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Averie's Pretty School

Well it finally came, the first day of Pretty School!!!!!!! (Pre-school for you laymen out there) Averie was so excited that she couldn't sleep the night before. So 8am came really early, but she jumped out of bed and ran to her room, got dressed and was ready to go in a matter of seconds. If only I could get that kind of cooperation on a Sunday.

This is Averie walking into class. I wish I could remember the conversation that we were having, I was laughing the whole way in. It went something like this; "I wonder who all my friends are going to be? I wonder when snack time is? I wonder what snack is? Hey, look there is fun stuff to play of? Where is my Teacher? Do you think I look beautiful?"

My princess picking her nose.

Waiting for moms to pick up the kids

Meeting new friends. "Hey mom, this is the girl who took the last lollipop at church!" Fast friends


  1. Have a fun year Averie!!! I LOVE teacher Nancy!! Or does she not teach the 3yr olds? I'll have to ask her about it on Sunday :)

  2. Ok could she be any cuter??? I love her outfit!!! Your pictures took me back to when Kaden started PreSchool. He went to teacher Nancy too!! :) So cute!!!!

  3. So cute. It is so fun when they are so eager to do new things. Way to go Averie!!!

  4. Averie, you are growing up too fast!! Love the pics, I have a feeling that averie is going to give that "pretty school" teacher a good run for her money.

  5. Gotta love girls and how they talk. Rachel was so nervous and crying on her first day . . . yay for Averie!