Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Child's Simple Wisdom

The other night we were reading scriptures and talking about the Angels that Heavenly Father has sent our family. The boys were participating and interjecting their ideas, and taking turns reading. We weren't paying too close attention to Averie, she was just jabbering away like she always does. Pretty soon, I caught a bit of what she was saying, and I tell ya, it was golden. She was pretending to read the scriptures (which were upside down), and she was essentially bearing her testimony. She was pretending to cry, while "reading", because that's what she has seen when people bear their testimonies. I caught a little of what she said on my cell phone, so here is word for word Averie's sweet testimony...

Today, I learned about Jesus. He was so young. He is around me. I know his name. I love him so much. Families are forever. I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday... When she started singing, the boys and I joined her. You can't resist a beautiful primary song, especially when a four year old is singing it.

So dang cute. Nothing like a forced cry, and those sweet words. A child's simple wisdom.


  1. Ok that is sweet!!! What cute, adorable, sweet kids you have.

  2. I love Averie :) She does have a sweet testimony, it's no wonder that we're told to be like little children!!

  3. I love it Lisa!! She is just to Cute.

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