Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"W" Formula

We are finishing our basement, so I was forced to clean the dang thing out. As my sis-in-law Mel and I were cleaning, I came across a missionary book of John's. It was compiled by his mission president, and had all the weekly reports in it. It also had notes from different zone meetings and talks that he heard along the way. There were a few that I really loved. He wrote notes from a talk he heard from Pres. Monson. It was call the "W" formula. Work Will Win When Wishy Washy Wishing Won't. Hello, love it! I love Pres. Monson, and how his sense of humor can always be likened to a scripture, or a life lesson.

As I continued to read through the book, I found something that hit me really hard. It was very simple, probably notes to a talk he gave. I said...FATHER IN HEAVEN
He knew then, a mere seven months before we would meet, that the reason for this life was for families. He knew he was leaving his family for a few years, so that other families could be together forever. He knew that our family would be together in heaven because of the covenanted that he made and kept. I am so thankful for a faithful husband, and for an eternal family.


  1. I drove past your house while the wood was being delivered and I wondered what it was for :)

    I like the W formula a alot!! I also like that missionary quote. Did you see it on a board at Swiss Days (can't remember if you went to it or not) They had it like a definition of the word missionary. I wanted to buy it and save it for 12 more years so I could put it by my boys pictures while they are gone on their missions.

    I've been crying about missionary stuff since the day I brought Thomas home from the hospital and Dave pointed out that my two oldest will both be gone for awhile...nice thought to share with a hormonal post partum wife :)

  2. ok I love that and when you are done with your basement why don't you come on up to mine:) lol I dream of finishing mine for now all I get to do is clean it. YEA!!! YUCK!!!!!