Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School

I waited to post the back to school stories because frankly I was both physically and emotionally worn out. I hope that with August behind us, I can recharge a little and try to get things back to normal around here.

The first day of school this year was way early. The kids started August 19th, and boy were they excited. Ashton finally got to eat lunch at the school, and man did he think he was cool. Ethan is in the fifth grade now, and that means that he is the top dog at the school. I can't believe that he will be in middle school next year. Averie doesn't start her "pretty" school until the second week of September, so keeping her busy has been a little bit of a chore, but I have really enjoyed having so much time with just her.

It's funny, I can remember very clearly my fifth grade year, and parts of my first grade year. I remember thinking that my parents had all the answers, and that they totally knew what they were doing...I WAS DUPED! I had no idea that they were just guessing at all of the parenting stuff. No wonder we use to get away with so much. Spencer and I played on the train tracks, we went to the store that was down the street, across the tracks, and across another busy street when we were just 6 and 8, and we witnessed a huge fight between two neighbors over one of the neighbors husbands.

So, here is the lesson that I have learned...FAKE IT! They will never know or suspect that you don't know what you are doing as long as you are confident.

Ashton in his rock and roll shirt with a tie, and not to forget his sweet leather jacket.

My cutie pie Ethan, wearing his staple brown hoodie (that is destined for the DI pile), and a cool purple skater shirt, BIG cowboy belt buckle, carpenter pants, and cowboy boots. He's starting a new trend combining skater punk, with urban cowboy. Still thinking of a name for that one.


  1. You totally have the parenting thing figured out. Even we seasoned parents still fake it now and then!!!!

    Darling kids. You are a wonderful Mom. And if you are faking it no one knows.

  2. They are so cute!!!! I wish I had seen the skater urban cowboy. TOO CUTE!!!

  3. That leather jacket picture is going to go down in geneology history! Can you imagine, 300 years from now, coming across this picture of a distant relative decked out in a jacket like that at age 6? What a cool kid.

  4. I want to file a complaint with your blogger manager. I posted a comment yesterday on your blog and I can see that it is not posting. I have a dream that one day....all bloggers everywhere will be able to post.......
    Great post lisa, I am so loving the new fashion trends. I am really sick of seeing underpants hanging out of baggy jeans.

  5. Hey Lisa, when Ethan is in 6th grade you probably shouldn't call him a cutie pie. :) they are the cutest kids.

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