Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prize Winning Pix

Ethan and I have been asked several times about the pictures we won first place on in the fair, so here are the winners.

Ethan did the top picture of the barn, Elvis the Rooster (Sweepstakes winner), and Averie in the wall of flowers. (Recommended to go to the State Fair)

The rest are mine. The pictures are pretty fun, but the memories are much more fun. It's hard to complain when you live around so much beauty. Beauty of the world around us, and beauty of the character of those whom we associate. What a blessed life we live.


  1. Great shots Lisa!! We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place!!

  2. You do live in the greatest place on earth!!! I miss it!!! I miss you!!!!!

  3. Those are amazing!!! It was so good to see you today! See ya tomorrow!!!