Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tater Tot, Chicken Chet, and Elvis (not to forget Henifer Lopez)

As you know, this sweet little creature to the left is public enemy number 1. Chicken Chet. (dun dun dun) With the Morgan County Fair came certain opportunities. Opportunity number one...

Ethan got to join 4-H and raise a lamb. This was all thanks to some wonderful friends of ours, Tim and Jodi Rankin. They furnished the lamb, the feed, and all the advice and help that Ethan would need to make this an amazing experience for him.
Everyone was worried about the auction because of the economy, but thanks to loving family members, Ethan's lamb went for $900.00. Thank you Kent and Cindy!

Number two. The Fair give us the ability to show off our talents in other areas like crafting, photography, dance, and raising livestock. This picture of Elvis the chicken was a sweepstakes winner. Ethan took the picture, and also entered the chicken himself in the fair and was given a blue ribbon. He entered 3 pictures in all, all winning blue ribbons. One was sweepstakes, and one was suggested to enter into the state fair. (The kid was golden this week, nothing could touch him. Every single thing he entered or did, turned out perfect. I think there was a handsome angle looking out for him)
Averie got to dance, and she put a few little thing she made into the fair. Ashton entered his derby car, and rode a dirt bike. Dreams come true at the fair.

Third, Henifer Lopez here was entered into the fair by my niece Savana. I think she is, how can we say it nicely...She has a sweet spirit. I told Savana to grab one of the shiny, pretty black hens, but she had chased this one down and didn't want to catch another one. Low and behold, Henifer Lopez was a blue ribbon bird! I don't know what they were judging on, maybe she was just bootylicious.

Fourth, It's a wonderful opportunity for me to see my sweet little boy dress like a cowboy (by the way, I don't approve) and paste on the most cheesy smile I have yet witnessed.

Finally, Chicken Chet is no more!!! I talked to the lady who was working in the poultry house, and I was telling her what a little demon this itty bitty guy was. She said, "Well that's because he is the original fighting cock breed." Why the heck is he at my house then? She said, just put for sale on his cage. HELLO!!!! What a fantastic idea. So Chicken Chet is terrorizing another family, or is in soup somewhere else, and that is nothing but fantastic.


  1. I love reading your blog! Way to go Ethan!Henefer hilarious! Makes me want to go to the fair!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I miss the fair.... :(

  3. What a great time!! Way to ethan, It is great to see that lamb alive and doing well.....Your new nick name shall be "the golden one." I think I would pay good money to see Avery dance at the fair, I hope it is on video. I will miss chicken chet stories, but I am glad he will be pecking at someone else instead.

  4. awww...we will miss thee chicken chet (I saw him at the fair :) Your pictures were awesome and I was proud as punch for ethan too (cuz you know having someone in your primary class always endears them to you for awile after!!) Way to go Ethan!!! I think I need to teach my kids about lambs (I think we won't try chickens)