Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Focus Four Run

Well, it was a shining success. Months of planning. Lots of laughter. A surprising amount of stress. Lack of sleep. It was a wonderful day.

I can't thank Chris Hislop, Bill Wiser, Logan Kashanipour, and Sam Foster enough. They graciously let me tag along, and even listened to my input in the organization of this four mile run. I also have to thank the many sponsors, participants, and those who donated both time, and/or money. Wow, what a wonderful community we live in.

Maybe I'll give a little back story to the reason we did a four mile run instead of a regular 5k. There were four focus employees who lost their lives in the plane crash. We decided that we would like to run one mile for each of them.


  1. It was a great experience. Thanks for letting us share this with you. I miss you and I am sorry I haven't been the greatest friend. We love you and your family so much I just want you to know that.

  2. Oh Lisa........ I hate being so far away!!! I am so glad that things went well. I've been thinking about you so much - I can't wait to be able to be closer and give you a giant, huge, monstrostorous (i made that up) hug!!!

  3. Great day for GREAT people!!! Your strength and goodness are overwhelming to me.

  4. Lisa it was a smashing success!!

  5. I'm glad it went well! I heard Ethan was a big winner and why am I not surprised that Averie has no shoes on in the family pic. She's a girl after my own heart!! I love her!!


    You're in our prayers

  6. I don't know you - I found your blog looking for info. on the Focus 4 Run....but I have been deeply touched by what you have to say. You are truly an inspiration to me! I had to let you know what an impact you have had on me. What an amazing person you are. Thank you for allowing me to read of your struggle and your strength. I didn't know that someone could be soooo strong after going through something so hard. Thank you for being you!!!