Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Is What Happens When You Are Making Other Plans

I am continually amazed by how time can just fly by.  I remember vividly my first day of kindergarten. I was instantly head over heals for a red headed, freckle faced boy named Cash.  I recall with complete clarity the birthday party that I was invited to when I was 6.  I had to go right after dance, so I had bright red tights on under my pants.  After a red rover injury, it was discovered that I had my tights on under my pants and everyone teased me.  Later, I got passed up when ice cream cones were being passed out.

I remember seventh grade.  Every last rotten day of seventh grade is burned into my memory.  I remember being so proud when in 10th grade, I was named English Scholar.  I remember a phone call at work when I was 21 from a nervous sounding young man named John.  He told me that he was given my number, and wondered if I would do him a favor by going out with him that night.

I remember that same young man, getting down on one knee holding a white box in his hand.  Then later, I remember looking across at him as we were pronounced man and wife.  We hugged for so long that everyone started giving us grief about it.

I remember the stunned look in his eye when I showed him the positive pregnancy test.  We were studying for school tests, and every few minutes he would stop and say, "No...Really???"  Then I remember the absolute gleam that radiated off of him when his son came into this world.  I thought that he was going to be airborne with the amount of joy that was billowing of him.

Now, I look at that same baby boy, who is now a young man himself.  He didn't get to have that amazing man around for too long, but you better believe that he has learned from him every single day since.

Just today, he was getting ready to go to a young mens activity.  It suddenly struck me how much he is like his dad.  Not so much in looks, but more in how his mind works, in the things he says, and the way he moves.

Just yesterday I was holding my newborn baby boy, and now that sweet little boy holds his mom.  I'm going to take a mental picture of this day, and this time, and hold it in my heart forever.

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