Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snowboarding in Heaven

There are certain dreams that feel so authentic, that they must be the real deal.  That is the very situation that I found myself in last night.

Kids were sleeping happily, the lights were down. 
 I opened my eyes to see my sweet John standing in front of me.
He had come specifically to talk to me about the kids.
We discussed many issues that had me worried, 
frustrated, and joyful.
It was natural that he would come to work with me on these issues,
after all, he's still their daddy.

After we talked for a little while,
we walked past a table that had skis laying on it.
I said, "Oh, did I tell you I bought season passes this year?"

He responded in a perfect John-esque way, "Yes!  Seriously.  I have wanted passes my whole life,
and now that I'm gone, Snowbasin comes up with a sweet deal!"

In a sympathetic tone I said "Well, I bet they have snowboarding in Heaven."

"Ya, maybe." John said in a dejected tone.

"Have you asked anyone?" I offered
"I mean, there should be something like it up there."

He shrugged, and then his eye's lit up and he said, "Let me peak in at the kids one more time."

We walked into the room all three kids were sleeping.
  Quietly, and very gently, he caressed each of the kids heads.
He stayed silent for several minutes as he watched his sweet babies sleep,
 then with reverence he said,
"They grew so fast."

I told him how they think of him every single day, and how
they always want to hear stories about their dad.

John just folded his arms and smiled. 
 When he turned to face me he had tears streaming down his cheeks. 
 He told me that he was proud of the way I was raising the kids.
He told me how proud he was of the amazing people they were becoming.

Then, in the characteristic style of dreams...I woke up.

At first, the only part that I could remember was the conversation about snowboarding.  I struggled to remember all the things that he told me, but this was all I could put together as of this post.  Even though the recall isn't what it should be, I am so grateful to know that he is still so very involved in our lives.

I recently met with the bishop.  He offered to give me a blessing, after which he ushered me directly out his door.  At first I thought he was in a hurry, or just didn't feel what I felt in that blessing.  A few days later, he set Ethan apart as Deacons Quorum president.  The blessing that he gave Ethan moved everyone in that room.  

The Bishop pulled me aside and said that he was so impressed with the spirit that he felt around Ethan and me.  He said that he had a very moving spiritual experience when he had blessed me earlier, and felt it again just then with Ethan.

Several weeks later, I was called back into the bishops office.  He sat me down and told me a little bit about what he had felt in those blessing.  He said that he knew for a surety, that these kids would be raised in the same, if not better way as they would be if John were still here.  He told me that he knew that John was with us every single day.  Of course I didn't need to be told that, I've always known.  Thank Heaven for tender mercies, and profound dreams.

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