Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#10- My Daddy

Today I barged into my dad's office an practically took him hostage to come purchase a car with me.  He of course went willingly, but it did take most of the day to work out all of the details.  I took him, because to call him a car guy is like calling superman just a reporter.  It is a huge understatement.  I knew that if I took him, he would know all the ways to get the price I wanted, and all of the little traps that I wanted to avoid.  It all started out pretty good until we walked inside. On display right inside the front doors was a '67 Chevy Camaro, fully restored, and fully sweet (I could put another describing word that may have a song attached, but I'll refrain).  I'm telling you, we both stopped in our tracks.  I turned to him and said, "I think we need to re-evaluate our options."

Even though I didn't drive home in this beauty, I sure have a nice ride.  I am thankful that I have a dad who has always been there for me.  I am grateful for the lessons that he has taught me.  It is by watching him that I have learned that a positive attitude will get you through really tough situation.  It is because of that attitude that I am as far along as I am today.  I am so truly grateful that he is here to influence my children for the better.  He and John had a wonderful friendship and my dad understood how John wanted his children to be raised, and my dad has repeatedly gone out of his way to help those kids.  I know that DNA makes up part of who we are, and our surroundings and experiences make up the rest.  I am grateful to have been blessed with both courageous DNA, but to also be surrounded by intelligent, faithful, strong, loving, kind, and righteous parents who have done their best to raise a wonderful family.  It is because of their protective and nutritive surroundings that I was able to face my own life experiences and be able to come away from those experiences a better person.

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  1. wow! i can't wait to see your new car.

    now... i want to thank you lisa. you talk about your dad being positive and i think YOU are such a positive person. i feel like our friendship is helping me to see my situation differently. i have learned a lot from you and i am trying to be more positive and more hopeful like you. see you tomorrow.