Friday, November 5, 2010

#5- Disinfectant

Oh boy am I grateful for Clorox, Lysol, Essential Oils, and good 'ole soap.  It has been a full two weeks of sickness over at the Carter farm.  We have had every strain of bug known to man.  Up next...Avian flu. (I hope that is a joke)

I am a true believer in natural healing.  I am a foot zoner by trade, and so I have studied many areas of natural medicine.  Through my journey I discovered essential oils.  They are amazing.  Last year the kids got the swine flu.  I treated them with essential oils and zoned them, and they were only sick for three days, and had no nasty side effects from prescriptions.  Now, I do very much believe in modern medicine, it has it's place.  If we could combine both practices we would have an amazing health care system.

If you want more info on Essential Oils, try this link.(my favorite brand), link, link

*Sorry for the "business-like" feeling of this post.  You got to go with what you know, right?


  1. i am so glad you posted this tonight. my friend told me about essential oils a few weeks ago and then texted me some info about it and i never wrote it down... and since then i have received tons of texts and dreaded having to go through them all to find THAT info, which i planned to do tonight or tomorrow.
    so, now i don't have to. woo hoo!

    i still want to take that course on foot zoning. my family has been into reflexology since way before i was born. maybe you can give me some pointers for when aaron or i are sick.

    okay, now i am just rambling...


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