Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#17- PIE!!!

Clockwise from top left.  Micaela, Leslie, Lills, and Jamie
Tonight the ladies and I had the great idea of getting together to "pre-make" our Thanksgiving pies.  Truly, the only reason we did it was so that we could laugh, talk, gossip, and eat delicious pie together.

Our pie making conquests are legendary (this was the first annual pie-off, so you know, we could make records like crazy)  I believe that we each made at least 4 pies.  Micaela may have made more, that woman is an animal!  So math whizzes, do the least 16 pies.  We made apple, cherry, blackberry, peach, chocolate cream, chocolate brownie, and pumpkin.  Now this may sound like a feat of biblical proportions, but just wait...we did it all with 14 kids running around.  I know, I know, I'll will now stand for applause.

So tonight, I am thankful for what pie gave to me.  It gave me friendship, love, laughter, and an expanding waistline.  What else can a girl ask for?


  1. even though i looked just plain awful today. wow... seriously... awful... i am looking past the fact that you put my photo at the top and made my photo one of the largest of the group...

    so yes i am looking past that and i am loving this posting in spite of it. i had a lot of fun and aaron had a lot of fun and i am glad you had that idea. thanks!!! you are a rock star!!!

    now if i can just get through thanksgiving eve and make my 11 or 12 pumpkin pies, then i will be all set.

  2. sounds like a fabulous evening!!

    I just wanted to stop in, as a fellow nominee, and congratulate you on your Top Blog 2010 Nomination over on The Blog Guide.

    It is a thrill to be nominated in such great company!!

  3. They all look so tasty. Nam, Nam, Nam! Well it's great that you guys had so much fun.

  4. such a fun idea!! when did your hair get you long? it looks so cute!