Friday, November 19, 2010

#19- Sunglasses

There are so many ways to this girls heart, and sunglasses is one of them.  Not really, but I do love a good pair of "goggles".  This morning my brother Danny and I went to the annual Smith Optic warehouse sale.  This is the third year that we have gone, and it's a bit like a sport.  There is stiff competition with all the pushing, and cramming, and grabbing, and shoving.  There is quite a bit of planning and coaching involved in the whole process as well.  In the end, EBay is flooded with sweet glasses at rock bottom prices.

As we stood in an endless line this morning, I was thinking about how much I love being with my brothers.  There is only seven years between the five of us, so naturally we are very close.  As adults we have become even closer.  I love to be able to joke around with them.  I love that they still invite the kids to do stuff with them.  Danny especially has always liked to take the kids places with him, even when John was still here.  Mitch scaled my crazy steep roof to put up Christmas lights.  Mike built shelves in my garage.  Spence skipped meetings to sit with me when I couldn't take to sadness any longer.  These are just a sample of the things that my sweet brothers have done for me just over the last two years.   It is humbling to hear them talk about John with such love and respect.  I am so grateful that they all got along so well.  I am better for having been raised with such extraordinary men.

Tonight, and every night, I am thankful for sunglasses...and my brothers.

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