Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#16- New Baby Smell

Today was an amazing day.  I got to go snuggle a brand new little baby boy.  My sweet nephew was born today, just three weeks early and boy is he a looker.  He is the first baby born since John died, and the first boy born for quite a while.  His parents named him...wait for it...Riley John Carver.  Brings tears to my eyes.

As I was holding this precious little spirit, I couldn't help but imagine John giving him some words of encouragement, and a great send off.  I had quite a spiritual experience holding that little guy.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be witness to the gift of life, and to feel heaven so close.


  1. wow. that is so neat.

    makes me cry AGAIN tonight. wow, i am emotional.

    seriously... thanks for sharing that.

  2. beautiful. i don't know your story, but i get an idea from the pictures on your sidebar. what a wonderful blessing that they honored YOUR John when this beautiful baby came into the world. truly lovely.

    thanks for stopping by my blog, i always do my best to follow people who comment back to their blogs to leave a little love.

    and how did i miss you are LDS the first time i popped in? ME TOO!!