Thursday, November 11, 2010

#11- Transportation, Just Dance, Photo Albums, and Blogging

I have found that having this blog to answer to everynight
has made me ultra aware of my everyday life.
I spend my free time (time I didn't know I had) thinking about what I can write about,
which in turn makes me notice every blessing that comes my way.

Today, I'm thankful for...
  • Transportation- instead of complaining about all of the thousands of errands that I am forced to make on my own, I realized that I am thankful for the ability to get to all of the desinations that I am required to be to everyday.

  • Just Dance - I don't know if any of you have this game, but I am willing to wager that all forms of depression could be cured with this simple game.  Nothing is better than dancing you guts out in a room full of surprised on lookers.

  • Photo Albums - I am thankful for the ability to keep such precious memories.  I have found that through all the trama of the past couple of years, I have forgotten pieces of it. Through pictures I can better remember those important times.

  • Blogging - I am thankful to have an outlet for emotion.  It's difficult for me to really properly express emotion, so I appreciate the ability to write.  Somehow it clears things up in my mind so that I can process my feelings better.


  1. awesome posting. dancing to that game tonight was ridiculously fun. seriously... what a good work out and a good laugh. :) thank you!!!

    and i agree about photo albums and blogging. everything you said, i second it.

    you are great. thanks for the chlorophyll. :)

  2. Sometimes it's easier to write than it is to speak to someone directly. I'm glad you found an outlet for your grief but also a place to make new friends and share your joys!

  3. You are great at posting a lot! I need to be better! I like your blog!